• Choose satellite internet plans that offer safe, secure and quick browsing facilities
  • Viasat offers excellent packages and plans that suit your budget
  • Explore your favorite websites, listen and watch your favorite videos, download the documents or files that you require and much more
  • Consequently, customers also receive a 2-year fixed price guarantee along with great speed and secure browsing facilities
  • Viasat’s Internet packages are highly reliable


  • Satellite internet technology delivers fast, reliable & secure internet across rural areas
  • To get ViaSat, firstly, navigate to our website portal
  • In other words, provide required data such as:
    • Zip code and location information

satellite internet

ViaSat Internet Plans

  • There are several noteworthy Satellite Internet plans provided by ViaSat
  • However, it is recommended to opt for the one that suit your requirement & budget plans
  • Select the Unlimited platinum 100 plan and in addition, pay the respective subscription charges
  • Above all, your data speed remains unaffected even if you reach the threshold level
  • Furthermore, select the compatible ViaSat Internet package and you can access the network from any location across the US

Why Viasat?

  • You will be certainly offered Internet bundles and cloud-based phone services to make unlimited texts and calls
  • Business hotspots with secure Wi-Fi connection in addition to free installation services are available at select locations
  • Most importantly, ViaSat internet subscribers will be provided with a powerful modem to make your browsing easy & fast
  • Furthermore, 98% of internet coverage in locations such as the United States
  • Affordable & suits your budget plan and on the positive side you can save up to $ 10 activating ViaSat Voice plans
  • In the same vein, the amount of data that you use will not affect your browsing speed
  • Likewise, support multiple users & multiple devices


To activate satellite Internet connection, a satellite Modem & Dish are required


More importantly, compare satellite Internet plans to make your selection

Unlimited platinum 100

  • Offers excellent video streaming quality
  • Installation support & assistance provided to customers who subscribe
  • Similarly, experience unlimited data plans with better upload & download speed

Unlimited Bronze 12

  • With a small screen quality, you can browse with video streaming quality of 360 p
  • Most importantly. watch your favorite videos with Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlimited Silver 25

  • Unlimited Silver 25 package comes with HD video streaming quality of 480p
  • Similar to other ViaSat plans, it does not have any data caps
  • Above all, the package includes built-in Wi-Fi

 Unlimited Gold 50

  • The Unlimited Gold 50 plan most importantly, does not have any data caps as well
  • Furthermore, it supports BYO Modem and comes with pre-configured settings
  • Finally, display is in HD quality and streaming is at a speed of 50 Mbps

Unlimited Gold 30

  • Likewise, with the Unlimited Gold 30, Experience the speed of 30 Mbps and secure browsing
  • Free installation in addition to a 2-year price guarantee once you subscribe
  • High definition streaming quality of 720 p

Unlimited gold 12

  • Likewise, the Unlimited gold 12 does not have any data caps
  • Besides, you can stream your videos in HD quality

Unlimited Silver 12

  • Stream all your favorites in DVD quality of 480p
  • Get the high-speed internet even if you live in the outskirts of the city
  • Furthermore, other packages & plans including Liberty 12, Liberty 25 and Liberty 50 are available as well

Your guide to activate Viasat Internet

  • To start with check for the availability of the network in your location
  • Simply navigate to the respective website portal & then enter the zip code & location
  • Then select the best ViaSat Internet packages & plans available
  • Also, schedule and arrange for installation of internet equipment
  • Seek guidance from our customer support executives to fix the hardware
  • Finally, choose the most compatible package to download & upload your favorite videos, favorite music, check your email, experience high bandwidth
  • Subsequently,connect your device to ViaSat network & stay connected to the World Wide Web


Apart from the top satellite internet packages & plans, ViaSat also bundles other services

Viasat Internet + DirecTV

  • To start with bundle your ViaSat Satellite Internet + DirecTV to explore and watch the top & entertaining channels
  • Also, save your monthly Internet charges for the first 12 months and It’s good that you do not require any external devices
  • Besides, the service also offers access to around 200 HD channels
  • With the above features in mind begin to subscribe ViaSat Internet bundles

Viasat INTERNET Voice

  • Stay connected to your loved ones with ViaSat Internet’s voice service
  • Notably, it’s the phone service offered via Internet and the latest voice over Internet protocol technology that helps receive & make calls without disrupting the internet as you browse
  • Install a ViaSsat mini-dish to proceed with the activation of the Satellite Internet voice service

Can you game with Viasat satellite INTERNET?

  • If you love playing games, opt for the packages to play the top games
  • ViaSat provides a maximum speed of 100 Mbps for online gaming
  • Multiple gamers can access the network at the same time
  • Search for the best games compatible for ViaSat such as:
    • League of Legends PC and World of Warcraft, PC
    • Civilization and Elder scrolls
  • Also, gaming consoles such as Play station Vue & Xbox work well with Viasat

Reach our customer support executives for more assistance and for further updates on satellite internet services

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  • Quick guidance services are available to avoid slow speed & alleviate other network issues
  • Learn from us about ViaSat’s Easy care support services that lets customers connect with the company’s leading technicians
  • If required, they will even relocate the dish for you
  • Upgrade your ViaSat Internet service to leverage new and improved features of the service
  • Get tips to get rid of Latency errors as you browse

Furthermore, call our agents for any information that you might require about ViaSat.